Now available for ES&E customers

ES&E is pleased to announce that we are now offering lamp and ballast recycling services from Veolia Environmental Services.

Veolia is one of the largest commercial recyclers of lamps and ballast in the world and works with a broad range of customers to offer environmentally-compliant recycling coast-to-coast. Their state-ofthe-art processing equipment is capable of processing up to 250,000 lamps per day.

Because recycling reduces liability

Environmental regulations require that hazardous waste be managed properly. Failure to follow regulations could result in costly environmental liability.

Recycling reduces the potential for future liability as most lighting waste is regulated by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the Superfund liability laws and the Universal Waste Rule. Regulations require that hazardous waste must be properly identified, stored, transported, treated and disposed of and that generators are financially responsible for cleaning up the effects of improper disposal.

Recycle 8 types of lamps & ballast

Whether you have small volumes resulting from spot maintenance or larger volumes as a result of re-lamp or retrofit projects, Veolia can tailor a recycling program to fit your needs. From one facility to multiple locations across the country, they can help.

Veolia recycles the following variety of lamps and ballast:

  • straight fluorescent lamps
  • compact, u-shape and circular fluorescent lamps
  • high intensity discharge (HID) lamps
  • neon lamps
  • shatterproof and other speciality lamps
  • broken or crushed lamps
  • PCB lamp ballast
  • Non-PCB lamp ballast

They have developed recycling solutions for large and small quantities of fluorescent lamps and ballast. Their turnkey recycling programs include packaging, transportation, tracking documents, waste processing, and written documentation that details what materials were recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.

A full list of Veolia's recycling services:

  • mercury waste
  • lamp and ballast
  • batteries
  • e-waste
  • PCB and non-PCB electrical equipment

How to take the hassle out of lamp and ballast recycling

Contact your ES&E account manager today to learn how Veolia's RecyclePak products can provide easy, cost-efficient solutions to your recycling needs.

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