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Go to, complete the form and send us your qualifying printer. Click here to download a PDF.

Get the best label types. Get the best label materials.

And get a printer that does it all for FREE! Send us your qualifying competitive printer and purchase 12 label cartridges for the Brady BMP®41 and BMP®51 printer and we’ll send you the Brady printer for FREE!

The BMP®41 and BMP®51 Printer Advantage

Die-cut label efficiency - No need for scissors, as labels are easier to peel off and are always in sequence
The best label types - Sleeves, self-lams, labels and tapes
The best printer experience - Auto formatting labels and an ultra-easy interface

Unique Features in the BMP41/51 Printers

Auto Label Set-up

Super Rugged

Rechargeable LiON/NiMH Battery

10 Year Outdoor Grade Vinyl

100's of Symbols

Built-in Electrical & Datacom Apps

Magnet Tool for Hands-Free Use

Label-Grabber keeps cut labels from falling to the ground

Many Application Uses

Wire Marking Sleeves

10 Year Outdoor Labels

Face Plate Labels

Self-Laminating Labels

In-Panel Component Labels

Safety & Maintenance Labels

Terminal Block Labels

Patch Panel Labels

Breaker Box Labels

General Labels

Qualifying Printers

3M - PL150, PL200, PL300
Brother - PT E100, E300, E500, E550W Brother - PT 1400, 1600, 1650
Brother - PT 1200, 1700, 1800, 1900
Brother - PT 7500, 7600, 9600
Brother - 2030, 2100, 2700
DuraLabel - DL 2000, Lobo
Dymo - Rhino 3000, 4200, 5000, 5200
Dymo - Rhino 6000, 6800
Hellerman - Tyton - Spirit, Spirit 2100 K-Sun - BEE, BEE3, Green Machine K-Sun - 2011XLB, 4100
Kroy - 1440, 1640, 1660, 5100, 9600
Panduit - LS9 (cougar)
Panduit - LS8, LS8E, LS8EQ (panther) T & B - EZL100, EZL500
XTI - 1000

Offer valid in U.S. and Canada. Separate offer in Mexico-contact local Brady office for details. All free printers must ship to end user customer. Traded-in printer(s) must be of a qualifying make & model and in working condition. Limit of 1 free printer per qualified printer traded in, and no limit to the quantity of qualified printers traded in per end user. Twelve (12) supply cartridges for BMP41 / 51 printers must be purchased for each printer traded in. Qualified printer(s) traded in must be sent to Brady along with the unique TRADE IN CODE NUMBER generated during the online form submission. Free printer(s) will be shipped within 5 days of online form submission. Traded-in printer(s) must be received at Brady within 20 days of online form submission and Brady reserves the right to invoice user for full amount of the Brady printer(s) sent in the event the traded-in printer(s) are not sent to Brady. Brady reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time and to refuse any request. For qualifying printers visit:

Many Application Uses

BMP®41 Label Maker Features

Rugged, Handheld and Long Lasting Design

  • Drop-tested and environment resistant
  • Rubber bumpers that provide optimal protection and security
  • Ergonomic, center-balanced, printer with grab-and-go ridged grip for solid handling
  • Long life rechargeable battery, so you can always print when you need to
  • Prints up to 300 labels per day for high volume printing

Easy-to-Use Functionality

  • Large LCD back light display provides clear visibility
  • QWERTY keypad, graphics library, hot keys and menu functions make label design simple and quick
  • WYSIWYG functionality - What you design on the printer, is what you get on the label
  • Magnet accessory for hands free printing

Durable and Reliable Materials

  • Prints durable, true-sized, 1” (25.4mm) wide identification to maximize amount of data
  • Die-cut materials that make your job look uniform and professional
  • Continuous materials allow you to adjust your label length
  • Ten different industry specified materials that last
  • Labels that will not bend or curl

Advanced All-in-One Cartridge System

  • Hassle-free material calibration with smart-cell equipped cartridges – no setup required
  • Easy to store, transport and use multiple different cartridges
  • Just pop cartridges in for quick supply changes and it is easy to bring additional cartridges with you
  • Pull tab on cartridge allows for one handed removal when changing supplies

BMP®51 Label Maker Features

Quick & Easy Label Design

  • 300 dpi print head and 1” per second print speed (more than 2x as fast as the IDXPERT printer!)
  • Large, graphical display with backlight that has on-screen indicators for parts, remaining material, battery and more!
  • Built-in label apps for fast, easy label design
  • Material recognition and automatic label formatting (no calibration!)
  • Durable built-in cutter that retains the label after it’s cut until you need it
  • Built-in Bluetooth® or optional Wi-Fi card for wireless printing from a network
  • USB PC connectivity with LabelMark™ and CodeSoft™ Software compatibility

Hassle-Free Printer Cartridges

  • Ribbon and label materials in ONE cartridge!
  • Install or remove ribbon and material in one easy step
  • No need to worry about having the right ribbon for your materials
  • Ribbon and material runs out at the same time so you waste less
  • Top-loading cartridge with “no jam” technology that easily snaps into place

Wireless Printing Capabilities

  • Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology comes standard with printer
  • Create, edit, print and save labels with an Android phone and a Brady Mobile App
  • Optional Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet cards allow you to connect to a network

Rugged industrial printer and materials

  • Durable materials that won’t fade, smear or fall off – so you only need to label something once
  • 20 different materials available, so you can have the right material for your specific job
  • Printer survives a 4-foot drop onto concrete, harsh environments and all kinds of temperatures

Products/Accessories in Stock


BMP41 Printer w/Case


BMP51 Printer w/Case

BRDY M-125-075-342

MSERIES B342 White 0.75” x 0.235” 80ea 1” Cart

BRDY M-187-075-342

MSERIES B342 White 0.75” x 0.335” 80ea 1” Cart

BRDY M-250-075-342

MSERIES B342 White 0.75” x 0.439” 80ea 1” Cart

BRDY M-48-498

MSERIES B498 White 1.0” x 0.75” 180 1” Cart

BRDY M-11-427

MSERIES B427 White 0.75” x .5”X.375” 360 Roll

BRDY M-136-427

MSERIES B427 White 1.0 x 0.75” x 0.375” 340ea 1

BRDY M-187-1-342

MSERIES B342 White 1.015” x .335” 80 Roll

BRDY M-143-427

MSERIES B427 White 1” x 1.25” x .5” 200ea 1” CA

BRDY MC-1500-595-WT-BK

MSERIES B595 Black/White 1.50” x 25’ 1 Roll HF

BRDY MC-1500-595-YL-BK

MSERIES B595 Black/YLW 1.50” x 25’ 1 Roll HF

BRDY M-48-427

MSERIES B427 White 1.0” x 0.75” x 0.375” 200ea

BRDY M-11-498

MSERIES B498 White 0.50” x 0.75” 220 Roll

BRDY M-250-1-342

MSERIES B342 White 1.015” x .439” 80 Roll

BRDY M-49-427

MSERIES B427 White 1.0” x 1.0” x .375” 260ea 1”

BRDY M-49-498

MSERIES B498 White 1.0” x 1.0” 160ea 1”Cart

BRDY M-91-427

MSERIES B427 White 1” x 1.5” x .5” 180ea 1”Cart

BRDY MC-500-595-WT-BK

MSERIES B595 Black/White 0.50” x 25’ 1 Roll HF

BRDY M-125-1-342

MSERIES B342 White 1.015” x .235” 80 Roll

BRDY MC-1000-595-WT-BK

MSERIES B595 Black/White 1.0 x 25’ 1 Roll HF

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