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ES&E is introducing a series of initiatives to help our customers achieve their digital transformation goals. We realize transformation crosses traditional plant floor boundaries and these initiatives will walk our customers through ensuring the proper equipment and processes are in place for information to be generated, collected, and directed for faster decision making throughout your enterprise. Through seminars, training, TechTalks, service offerings, and online content ES&E will be creating an all-new customer experience for 2021 and beyond. Throughout this initiative we’ll demonstrate the practical steps behind this journey starting with a safer, smarter plant floor built for a Connected Enterprise.

Modernization Hero

ES&E helps you move towards a digital transformation/Connected Enterprise. We ensure you have the right hardware and software to get your data to the cloud or business systems.

Safety Hero

Keeping employees safe is part of moving towards a more intelligent business. ES&E covers all safety aspects with a focus on intelligent safety devices and services.

Smart Devices Hero

Let ES&E help you learn about the capabilities and features of modern end devices allowing you to improve quality, decrease downtime, and predict failures.

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ES&E and Rockwell, along with our other partners will help you along your path by training employees, and providing support and safety services.

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PowerFlex Migration within Studio 5000

Description: A tutorial on how to modify a Logix Designer application when modernizing from a PowerFlex 40/700 to a 525/750.
Timeline: April/August
Type: Webinar/In person in person as permitted


Understanding and Designing Safety Applications

Description: This class is a detailed overview of safety standards and the integrated safety devices Rockwell provides for a comprehensive safety solution The class will also detail the differences between the equipment and how it integrates with a safety controller, it will also include demonstrations with the equipment and software.
Timeline: Sept. 1 and Sept. 2
Type: Virtual

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Smart Devices

Smart Devices Webinar

Description: In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the challenges and advantages of adding Smart Devices to your workflow, explain why you need Smart Devices, and how they can maximize your Industry 4.0 Migrations.
Timeline: June 16
Type: Webinar

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TechTalk with Kepware

Description:Jeremy Oxendine, ES&E's Automation Software & Process Specialist talks with Kyle Carreau from Kepware. Kyle discusses Kepware's product offerings and how they can help with your data communication needs.
Timeline: April
Type: TechTalk Podcast

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Workforce Development-the path to better performance though Training

Description: This tech talk will highlight the various training offerings available and how they can help you develop a more productive workforce. We will review the various delivery methods including ESE TV, E Learning, virtual classrooms, virtual coaching and instructor-led hands on training.
Timeline: April/May
Type: Virtual Talk

Q: In digital transformation projects, does ES&E only work with Rockwell Automation products?

A: Digital transformation requires multiple technology providers for a complete solution. Through Rockwell’s strategic partners (PTC, Cisco, Microsoft, Panduit), solutions providers, and >100 technology partners we are able to access a wide variety of solutions for your applications.

Q: Where should we start?

A: If you would like to have a discussion to review potential projects, please use the “Customer Engagement” link to reach out to us. This can lead to a whiteboarding session to discuss opportunities for potential projects or we can address specific questions.

Q: Where does ES&E specialize in these projects?

A: ES&E’s technical specialists have a wide variety of product and application expertise. We focus on intelligent devices, software & control, and lifecycle services. We can help with in-depth knowledge of the products generating the data and how to get this data to locations where it can be used throughout the enterprise.

Q: Who does ES&E work with?

A: Similar to the technology partners, digital transformation projects often require multiple vendors working together for a single application. We work with Rockwell Automation and many local Solutions Providers that provide additional expertise in providing turnkey solutions.

Digital transformation: continuously optimizing manufacturing operations

Established in 1903, what began as the world’s first motor control company has grown into a storied technology and manufacturing powerhouse. Through transformative events from the invention of the moving assembly line to the rise of industrial robotics, Rockwell Automation has always remained an industrial leader. Rockwell Automation has thrived for 117 years because they’ve stayed on the cutting edge for 117 years. Today, Rockwell Automation is building what’s next by applying that same mindset of innovation.

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