Bussmann Fuses Made Simple
Fuses Made Simple

The easiest and fastest way to select and specify fuses

Three tiers of protection offer distinct levels of performance benefits to help you speed up specification and selection.

Ultimate Protection – The best worry free protection in virtually any application. Unique dual-element construction delivers a powerful combination of all performance options in one fuse - fast short-circuit protection, current limitation, and time-delay performance with up to 300kA interrupting ratings.

Advanced Protection – Application specific protection for sensitive devices and critical components or motors and transformers. Choose between fast short-circuit, current limiting performance or energy efficient, current limiting, time-delay performance based on the application. Featuring 200kA interrupting ratings.

Basic Protection – Basic single-element protection for service, feeder and branch circuit applications. Featuring up to 100kA interrupting ratings.

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Four fuse families make selection and replacement easy:

Bussmann Low-Peak Fuse

Yellow Label Low-Peak Fuses - Ultimate Protection

  • 50% More protection than any other UL or CSA Listed fuse*
  • Industry's only UL and CSA listed fuse with a 300kA* interrupting rating allows for simple, worry-free installation in virtually any application
  • Fast short-circuit protection and dual-element, time-delay performance for ultimate protection
  • Reduce existing fuse inventory by up to 33% when upgrading to Low-Peak fuses
  • Consistent 2:1 ampacity ratios for all Low-Peak fuses make selective coordination easy
  • Broad fuse family including Class CC, J, L, and R
  • * 50% higher IR (300kA) than any other UL and CSA Listed fuse. Includes Class J, L and R fuses.
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Bussmann Fusetron Fuse

Green Label FUSETRON Energy Efficient Fuses - Advanced Protection

  • 23% More energy efficient* and the best time-delay performance
  • Dual-element feature provides the best time-delay performance allowing closer sizing and superior protection of motors and transformers
  • Closer sizing allows for smaller fuses and less costly switches
  • Class RK5 fuses with a 200kA interrupting rating for use in a broad range of applications
  • * Test results are based on weighted sales volume of FUSETRON and Ferraz Shawmut (Mersen) fuses by selected amp and volt rating combination. Next leading brand refers to Ferraz Shawmut based on third-party fuse market share data for a twenty-seven month period (July 2008 through September 2010).
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Bussmann Limitron Fuse

Black Label Limitron Fuses - Advanced Critical Component Protection

  • 10X Better current limitation than basic circuit breakers or fuses* to help prevent equipment damage caused by short-circuit events
  • Ideal for critical industrial or commercial applications that have specific current limitation requirements
  • Broad fuse family including Class CC, J, L, R, and T with 200kA interrupting ratings
  • * Does not include current limiting circuit breakers or current limiting fuses. Protection determined by comparing published values for let–through for Class CC, J, R, and T fuses versus a symmetrical RMS waveform at 200kA.
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Bussmann Basic Fuse

Gray Label General Purpose Fuses - Basic Protection

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