Power Quality
Power Quality

The Overlooked Productivity Variable

Up to 70 percent of unexplained downtime is caused by power quality problems.

Chances are that your facility is affected

Irregularities in your facility's power are often a hidden source of unplanned downtime. Poor power quality can have a negative impact on both the performance and the life expectancy of electronic components used in many discrete and process applications. From transients to voltage sags, the Allen-Bradley power quality portfolio consists of plant-wide to individual process- and machine-level products that help you identify and mitigate power issues – to increase your uptime.

Identification and Analysis

Products for diagnosing power quality issues

Power quality problems can originate from both inside or outside your facility. Rockwell Automation provides products that enable you to evaluate incoming power as well as perform in depth analysis at specific points within your facility. Power quality events are is not easy to detect. An effective monitoring solution is the first step toward understanding how much of your down time, and its associated costs, can be attributed to power quality issues.

i-Sense Voltage Monitor
i-Sense® Voltage Monitors transmit incoming power quality event data to i-Grid® servers via an ethernet or modem connection. The event data is collected, analyzed, and sent to subscribers in the form of event notifications. View event data and reports anytime, anywhere, using a cell phone or a computer with an internet connection. Click here for more information.

PowerMonitor 5000
PowerMonitor™ 5000 is the next generation of high-end, power-quality metering products. Building on core power and energy metering capabilities, the PowerMonitor 5000 takes energy monitoring to the next level. Click here for more information.


Now that you've located the issues, apply the remedy at the source

Once you have determined the impact of power quality on your production, Rockwell Automation brings expertise and Allen-Bradley products that can mitigate the problems and help you avoid the consequences associated with power quality issues.

DySC® Voltage Sag Protectors
DySC® Voltage Sag Protectors protect against voltage sags and momentary outages that account for a significant amount of manufacturing downtime and damaged equipment. These DySC protectors do not require batteries, they have no moving parts, and they require minimal maintenance. They are ideal for manufacturing processes and sensitive electronics that require sag ride-through protection up to five seconds. Click here for more information.

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