Since the first barcode was commercially used to identify railroad cars in the 1960's to today's Data Matrix, many uses have been found for the technology. Many companies and industries have developed the need to identify and track a product or part from the earliest stages of manufacturing, through the end of the product's use. The ability to track the part through all stages of life allows companies to reduce cost by lowering scrap rates, handling mistakes, quality control errors, and ultimately lowering product liability and improving the product's time to market.

Cognex offers a variety of readers to handle any application. Including cost effective wireless handhelds, verifiers/graders, high speed, high resolution, direct part mark using dot peen/laser codes. Cognex communicates with a broad array of networks and protocols including Serial, USB, Keyboard Wedge, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, Modbus, ProfiBus, OPC, Device Net and Bluetooth.

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