Rockwell Automation's NetLinx open networks allow you to simultaneously control, configure, and collect information from your lowest device up to your enterprise using open networking technology. Ethernet, in particular, has delivered significant benefits for manufacturers. EtherNet/IP, which is unmodified Ethernet, allows you to effectively manage real-time control and information flow throughout the manufacturing and IT enterprise. EtherNet/IP (using the Common Industrial Protocol) allows networks, including motion and safety, to communicate seamlessly on the factory floor along with other common sets of IT capabilities like voice, video, and data.

ES&E provides a one stop shop to provide products in a broad range of applications with a rugged, reliable, and robust solution. Whether your networking needs are Visibility, Tracking,or Control, we have a complete portfolio. Our offering consist of wireless, network bridging, installation tools, media, connectors, services, and more.

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