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ES&E Inventory Solutions

Let us manage your conduit, fuses, lugs, motors, tape, cable ties, and more!

ES&E Inventory Solutions can reduce your total procurement costs and on-hand inventory. Our goal is ambitious: to help you, our customer, make substantial improvements in the performance of your business. On average, our customers see a 25-40% reduction in inventory and a 5-15% price reduction after our services are completed. ES&E Inventory Solutions offers you a way to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Every customer is different and requires customized inventory solutions. ES&E inventory solutions partners with Storeroom Logix so a solution can be mixed and matched to accommodate any size cabinet or storeroom. Please contact an ES&E representative to schedule a free consultation today.

Now Printing!

Let ES&E create your marker cards to use on terminal blocks, wires, cables and other industrial components.

The Clearmark printer is ideal for high-volume marking needs. We can efficiently mark your connections, facilitating installation, troubleshooting and servicing of industrial equipment. The print quality from the ClearMark printer is the highest available using water-based black and color ink that is resistant to oil, water, cleaning agents and UV radiation.

  • Fast Turnaround - 2 days or less
  • Custom markers with logos or symbols
  • Print from the library or use your own image
  • Color printing on white marker cards for visual distinction
  • Inkjet printing technology using water based inks bonded to marker cards with heat
  • Free software to design your own labels

How it works

Custom Printed Marker Cards

  1. Download and install the ClearTools software.
  2. Create your custom marker card using the printer software and save the file to your computer.
  3. E-mail the custom marker file to:
    Include the following items:
    • Quantity (the number of needed copies of the file)
    • Company information (with a contact name and phone number)
    • ClearTools data file (attached to the e-mail)
    • If you are printing a graphic and/or logo please be sure to include a high quality version along with your ClearTools data file

Click here to download a flyer with more information.

Free Software

Click here to download the software. Use ClearTools™ software to create custom marker cards that display basic numbering, sequences, and/or images. With ClearTools software, you can:

  • Auto-fill to create sequences of data
  • Import from a variety of file formats
  • Print from a built-in library of symbols
  • Use your own images

Other Downloads

Click here to download the Product or Marker Selection Tool. This Microsoft Excel file will allow you to select the appropriate product for your particular application. You must have Microsoft Excel installed to run this tool. You will need to enable editing and enable macros from within Excel in order for the utility to run correctly.

Click here to download a PDF of the software manual.


Customer providing print file from ClearTools Software

Customer not providing print file from ClearTools Software



Setup Fee




Setup Fee


1 card




1 card




2-5 cards




repeat 2 cards




6+ cards




unique 2 cards





repeat 6 cards





unique 6 cards





repeat 10 cards




Remanufacturing Services

Send your Allen-Bradley® products, Reliance Electric™ drives and control products for repair and benefit from the Rockwell Automation seven step remanufacturing process. With Advance Remanufacturing Services, you will receive your remanufactured product in 3-5 days.

Exchange Services

Do you have an immediate need for a spare part? With our Advance Exchange Services, we can ship one overnight from our global network of parts hubs for delivery the next day. Advance Exchange Services are available for over 15,000 remanufactured Allen-Bradley catalog items.

Renewal Parts

Obtain genuine OEM replacement parts for your Allen-Bradley products.

RepairPlus Services

Make Rockwell Automation your single source for all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical, and servo product repairs. RepairPlus provides you comprehensive repair services for over 80,000 items from 1500+ manufacturers.

Click here to visit Rockwell Automation's Repair Site.

Application Support

ES&E believes in service and support before and after your purchase. That is why we have the largest group of technical automation specialists in our area. Our specialists' sole responsibility is technical and application support. We are available 24 hours of each and every day. Each of our specialists has specific product groups that they are focused and trained on such as: PLC's, Drives, Motion Control, Software, Motors, Sensors, Safety Systems, Industrial Control, Services & Repair and Vision Systems & Pneumatics.

Some of our most common areas that we provide application assistance for:

  • System Architecture Layouts
  • Vision System Testing and Evaluations
  • Pneumatic Energy Audits
  • Pneumatic Sizing & Conversions
  • Motor Sizing
  • Motion Control Load Analysis and Servo Sizing
  • Electrical Energy Audits
  • Lighting Layouts
  • Panel Sizing
  • Safety System Design

Inventory management

Our Inventory Management Group can quickly save your plant money through downtime reduction, inventory reduction, consolidation of similar items, and identification of obsolete parts, space reduction, and labor savings. We have several hundred thousand cross referenced items in our library to help us quickly and accurately reduce your necessary parts.

ES&E can use your inventory list and usage history to quickly determine key items, unneeded parts, or more cost effective alternatives. We can then suggest reorder points, items to consolidate, parts to migrate away from, or even identify high value items that we can lease or consign to your inventory.

Typical items that have large savings potentials are: fuses, motors, pneumatic valves & cylinders, circuit breakers, relays, contactors, pushbuttons, wiring devices, sensors and fittings, but we also utilize our technical specialist group for unique or specialized components.

ES&E also offers:

  • Kitting
  • Barcoding and labeling with your part number
  • Storeroom physical inventory
  • Item Storage Solutions
  • Vending Machines
  • Purchasing Cards
  • Point of use replenishment
  • EDI Transactions

Assessment Services

  • Installed Base Evaluation
  • Safety Assessments
  • Training Assessments
  • Reliability Program Assessment
  • Manufacturing Assessment & ampPlanning

Asset Management Services

  • RAAMP – MRO Process Management
    Improve your MRO processes through Rockwell Automation Asset Management Portfolio (RAAMP) service. RAAMP provides a proven methodology and a designated Asset Management Professional to optimize your spare parts inventory, simplify your repair transactions and drive costs savings.
  • Spare Parts Management
    Ensure the availability of your spare parts and stabilize your maintenance budget with a Rockwell Automation Parts Management Agreement. With a Parts Management Agreement, we own and manage your spare parts inventory for a fixed amount and replenish your consumed inventory with Rockwell Automation remanufactured and renewal parts.

Condition Monitoring Services

  • Training - Instructor-led Training on Condition Monitoring topics
  • ESAFE Support - Real-time Phone Support for Legacy Condition Monitoring Hardware and Software
  • Callout Service - Standard Vibration Analysis and Rotor Balancing, Infrared Thermography, Condition Monitoring System Integrity, High End Analysis
  • Reliability Services - Reliability Audits, Results Assurance, Program Management
  • Contract Services - Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Oil Analysis, Reliability Online Remote Monitoring and Analysis
  • Project Services - Turnkey, Commissioning


With InSite Surveillance, experienced application engineers in the InSite Operation Center will proactively monitor your critical systems 24x7x365 through a secure, high speed connection, looking for deviation from acceptable process/production line/machine parameters and key performance indicators (KPI) including line speed, quality, downtime, OEE, alarms/events, set-point changes, recipe execution, and operator actions


In addition to a designated support team, InSite Diagnostics utilizes a high speed connection to your system to provide issue resolution that is faster and goes far beyond standard technical support:

  • Troubleshooting application issues, permissive interlocks, customizable product features, program files and database "stored procedures"
  • Basic programming tasks
  • Periodic scheduled backup of program files and restoration upon demand (requires VPN connectivity)
  • Proactive recommendations to drive process improvements and help establish best practices
  • On-site review of your application and maintenance practices


Managing complex automation, process, and manufacturing IT systems can be a full-time job for several people. Administration handles all the required day-to-day application management tasks and provides critical lifecycle services to keep the assets and systems current.


With Optimization, you can fully leverage the experience and technical capabilities of Rockwell Automation InSite engineers beyond troubleshooting and issue resolution to extend and enhance the usage, functionality, and performance of your system, machine or process.


Capturing knowledge of how to support and enhance the operation of a deployed system can be one of the most challenging tasks facing the sustaining team at a plant. Documentation, product information and "as built" drawings are usually delivered once and rarely kept up to date as the system evolves overtime. Also, the on-going solution to issues or answers to simple questions are rarely captured, yet can be critical to find during a future incident. Knowledge creates a custom database to capture, manage, and maintain the technical/support information specific to your system, machine and/or process. The database is always up-to-date and your staff, as well as InSite engineers, has instant online access to the information for use in troubleshooting and optimization activities.


Visualization is a result of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing machine, process and production data. The tools used to display and analyze this data are Web-enabled and provide a broad set of graphical, trending, alarming and reporting capabilities. Visualization gives you anytime, anywhere access to your system/site operating data through a secure Web portal.


Assessments evaluate the current condition of a designed or implemented network via documentation reviews or onsite network analysis. An assessment can help to prevent or fix network issues by evaluating the network, documenting design or implementation issues and offering resolutions, as well as provide information about potential problems that could result in future unplanned downtime. Assessments can help you determine if the network is able to meet the functional requirements you need to achieve your goals.

  • Design Assessment
    Network design reviews your existing design documentation (network layout, Bill of Material (BOM), cable schedules, configuration plans) to ensure the specified components, network architecture and network configuration scheme will meet your functional requirements. Your deliverable is a summary that can be used to ensure all vendor designs will interconnect without any issues, to verify the design is within your specific requirements or to offer third-party review.
  • Onsite General Assessments
    This is a one day review of the network's installation, configuration and information. You will receive a summary of findings with a rated criticality and high level path forward.
  • Onsite Comprehensive Assessment
    This assessment focuses on your need (issue, upgrade or expansion), and can include operational tests, physical media testing or specific issue identification. Your deliverable is a summary that will assist you in preventing downtime by bringing your network up to optimal condition.

Plan & Design

Good network design and planning is the foundation upon which performance and reliability are built. The process starts with collaboration between you and Rockwell Automation and continues through to ensure that the network built will best meet the needs of your system.

  • Network Design Development
    Offers a range from a design framework document that can be implemented by a network or IT specialist to a full design package or any subset in between. The required deliverables are determined during the initial collaboration.
  • Network Migration Development
    Offers design assistance that focuses on upgrading an existing network that typically begins with an assessment. The deliverable includes a hardware and media path forward based on your requirements and current status of the network.
  • Network Standards Development
    Offers assistance if you require plant or corporate wide standards for network consistency. The deliverable includes recommendations to be incorporated in a standards document based on blend of industry standards and your requirements.


Network implementation services help you to realize the benefits of manufacturing convergence by improved network efficiency, reduced operational costs and increased manufacturing productivity. Network Infrastructure Implementation is the foundation for a highly operational network and includes not only the media that transmits the traffic but the hardware that controls the flow of traffic and the software that sends, receives and manages the traffic. A network implementation that follows industry standards increases the opportunity of achieving the necessary performance and reliability and can negate the impacts that it can sometimes have when not implemented properly. The implementation process consists of turnkey solutions to simple system configurations. Turnkey solutions can include working with our Partners that offer guaranteed network installation.

  • Network Installation
    Includes a range of offerings from equipment procurement to complete media and hardware installation services.
  • Network Configuration
    Includes hardware and software setup for network devices. Optional deliverables can include configuration data and/or backup and restore procedures.


A Network Audit confirms networks are installed according to governing body and/or customer standards. State-of-the-art network diagnostic tools are used to conduct installation and operational tests to validate system implementation and ensure performance is within standards outlined by TIA/EIA, ODVA, CNI or appropriate governing body. Installation testing validates the installation of new networks and prevents commissioning problems. Operational testing is an operational evaluation that tests system performance to ensure reliable communications and verify critical operating parameters. All test results and performance data are completely documented as a baseline for future reference.

  • Network Audit
    Consists of comprehensive installation and operational network tests, measurements and analysis based on governing body standards (ODVA, TIA/EIA, ControlNet International). The deliverable is a report documenting all findings, measurements, analysis, and remediation suggestions.

Manage & Monitor

Manage and Monitor Services are a group of offerings that help you maintain your network to achieve expected production and business goals. Offerings range from continuous monitoring or ad hoc diagnostic monitoring to periodic visits or emergency response. These network management offerings can help improve network uptime when you do not have the resources, tools and technical knowledge internally.

  • Remote Monitoring
    Ranges from continuous surveillance to ad hoc diagnostic monitoring of your network infrastructure and activity.
  • Incident Response
    A customer initiated engagement that can include network troubleshooting, repair, or analysis.
  • Onsite Support
    Includes annually or regularly scheduled network assessments to analyze any changes to the system and their effects.

Callout Services

Repair and troubleshooting as needed for your automation-related issues.

Extended Parts & Labor Warranty

Repair services and replacement parts for your Rockwell Automation control equipment and drives for up to five additional years.

Drives Startup Services

Quickly commission your Allen-Bradley drives and prevent potential startup problems. Includes 1 or 2 year extended warranty.

Conversion Services

Convert your existing programmable controllers, drives and motors to new or different technologies.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Regularly scheduled maintenance for your automation and related equipment to prevent potential problems and extend component/system life.

Embedded Engineer

Full-time labor to perform reactive and preventive tasks in continuous support of your maintenance department.

Safety Circuit Analysis

Verify safety circuit design to applicable standards.

Safety Systems & Integration Services

Safety systems controls, integration, and startup services.

Safety System Validation

Ensure proper safety system installation and functionality.

Lighting Conversions, Retrofits, and Recycling


In 2009 the United States Department of Energy issued efficacy standards for general service fluorescent lamps that implement new lumens per watt regulations for linear and U-bend types. The new standards took effect on July 14, 2012 resulting in elimination of many inefficient 4-foot T12 and 2-foot T12 U-bend lamps, most 8-foot T12 lamps and some 4-foot T8 lamps. Do you have an installed base of T12 and old or obsolete T8 lamps? Oh no! Now what!?!


Don't worry. You have options with ES&E including:

  • Direct replacement lamps - ES&E stocks certain T12 lamps as a direct replacement for your old lamps.
  • Retrofit kits - Replace the lamp ballast while leaving the fixture intact saving time and labor.
  • Full replacement fixtures - Replace the entire fixture with the latest in lamp technology
  • ES&E Turnkey Solution - Free walkthrough/audit, custom quote, worry-free rebate process, and lamp disposal


What do I do with my old lamps and ballast? ES&E can help.Click here for more information on lamp recycling.

Please call ES&E for more information and ask how you can make your plant more energy efficient by upgrading your lighting. We can discuss your options, provide custom quotes, and ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Check with your local energy provider for rebates and energy incentives. Many of these programs are available for a limited time.

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