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The SureStock Program is our pledge to be your one-stop shop for all electrical MRO needs. To kick start this new program we have organized our SureStock products into a catalog of nearly 2,000 MRO items specifically selected from our extensive inventory of over 15,000 unique stocked items. In addition, over 2 million products are available on our website or by calling one of our customer service representatives. These MRO products were chosen to meet your needs whether you have a line down, an equipment installation, or are planning a new project.

The SureStock Program is designed for technicians in the field who need to replace a product fast, purchasing agents who need a reliable distributor, project managers looking for ideas and inspirations for their next install, and environmental supervisors finding ways to lower their energy cost. The SureStock Program is for anyone looking for a reliable local source for MRO products and services.

We are currently searching for new and exciting products to add to our SureStock Program that will decrease down-time, increase safety standards, and improve your day-to-day business. In addition to our goal of expanding the SureStock product catalog we are also working to advance SureStock Express, our same day delivery service. Our customers fuel our business, so please send us your feedback or recommendations on the SureStock Program. Contact your ES&E Account Manager or a Customer Service Representative to take advantage of all of the SureStock benefits.

Four pillars of the SureStock Program

In-Stock. The items listed in this catalog are only a portion of the MRO items we stock. We are committed to stocking all SureStock items at our warehouses; available for same day pick-up or next day delivery.

Next Day Delivery. We are listening to your feedback. As part of the new program, SureStock orders placed before 5pm will be delivered the next business day.

Competitive Pricing. Along with delivery we have revisited our pricing structure and are confident that we are locally competitive and guarantee that our prices are better than those from the online distributors.

E-Commerce. Our e-commerce website includes customer pricing and warehouse stock. You can find data sheets, complimentary items, and manufacturer cross references for all SureStock products.

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